Newtown Square, Pennsylvania

Garrett Mill Farm

Available for a young couple for free.

A farm of 30 acres with 1 Farmer's House, 1 Main House 1 Barn, 2 Paddocks.

The Farmer's House (for the young couple to stay)

The Farmer's house has 3 beds, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, living room, den.

The house is next to the stream. The barn is on the other side of the stream (60 meters from the house).

We are looking for a couple (with or without children) that will pursue organic farming on the farm, and make the place alive with parties and events. We would like one, or both, of the couple to be employed. We offer this farm and the house for free, but the couple must pay for heating oil for the house, and for fuel and maintenance of the tractors, and they must maintain the appearance of the farm.

The Garrett Mill Farm House -- The Barn across the stream

Available are 2 tractors and a truck with snow plow. Under the agreement, the couple can stay for a period of one year (extendable) on the condition that they farm the land and maintain the property. This will include cutting the fields, clearing the fencing (with a weed whacker) and plowing the snow from the drive. The items they farm, they can sell for their own profit.

If you are interested, please send us an email

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Watercolor of Garrett Mill Farm by Marilyn Rose


Garrett Mill Farm